Mar 5 2020

What You Need to Know for our Carnival event this Saturday

This weekend, REBEL celebrates Brazilian Carnival inside a special edition of Revolution Saturdays. Not sure what Brazilian Carnival is? We got you covered with some helpful information and interesting facts.

Carnival – also known as the “Greatest Show on Earth” – is the main festival celebrated in Brazil, with the main event happening in Rio de Janeiro. Carnival starts on the Friday until the following Tuesday or one day shy of Ash Wednesday, which signals the start of the Lent season in Catholic traditions. The Sambodromo is the epicentre of Carnival celebrations as it is the stadium built exclusively to showcase samba schools and their dancers, floats and other performers during the Carnival parade. The stadium was conceptualized by Oscar Niemeyer in 1984 and stretches 700 metres across the venue to seat 90,000+ visitors.

The heart of the Carnival celebration is samba. The top samba schools get the honour of performing in front of the entire country inside the Samodromo with a panel of 40 judges, sitting at key points inside the stadium, taking notes of each movement, thread or sequin of a costume, significance of a song and integrity of the samba. The judges announce the champion on Ash Wednesday.


It is only during Carnival that every inch of Brazil is a party. The celebrations begin a day before the formal launch of Carnival and last until a day after the festivities formally end. One of the most coveted party is the Magic Ball, which happens inside the iconic Copacabana Beach Hotel. If that’s too formal for you, you can head down to the Scala Bar in the Downtown area.

For many Brazilians, street parties is where the real party is. The best ones are organized by groups called Blocos and start with a small group of people meeting at a predetermined location with more joining in as the crowd marches and dances through the streets. The most popular street party is the Simpatia é Quase, which is mainly for families and children. For the adults, there is the Blocos and Bandas de Ipanema neighborhood where the more risqué crowds gather.

In the last few years, celebrities and artists from around the world have joined in on the Carnival parties. Diplo and the Major Lazer crew were there most recently throwing parties throughout the week of festivities in different cities.


While our Carnival party won’t be as grand, it will definitely still be EPIC. Special guest Brazilian DJ TOM will doing a set during a performance by samba Tropicana dancers, AXE Capoeira and TDot Batu drummers. The best part of this party is entry is FREE before 11:30pm wearing your best Brazilian gear. Join us this Saturday and get ready to shake that booty all night long.


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